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Preston is 6 months - Keila June Photography

My youngest is 6 months old and I'm not sure how that happened.  I love every stage of infancy, some days wishing for it to be over, and some days just really longing for this time because I know it'll be over way too soon.
Well, I decided to quickly grab some pictures of him today & plopped him outside in his diaper (which describes my life right now very well - a zoo! hahaha).

And these I took just a couple days earlier... I was just trying to capture a fraction of the different expressions from him <3

Animal Rescuing With Friends

It seems like when we go to the beach, the kids take different directions with their activities based on weather, tide, ocean conditions etc... This particular evening, the water was full of life! And the kids enjoyed catching, collecting and releasing.  I never really document it, but this day was special since they got to do it with some great friends! Thank you @brookelogue for the great memories :*


It Takes a Village - part two

I need to publicly THANK all those friends and family (near and far!) for making my transition into being a mommy of 4 so much easier!  

For the first week after Preston was born, my sister Sharyn, took such good care of my family and I! She provided meals, helped with laundry, brought some Easter goodies for the older ones, decorated my home with fresh flowers and balloons... I was seriously floored by her willingness to help and generosity!! 

Then... I was even further surprised when my other sister from New Jersey, Debbie, came up with a list of family and friends that would provide meals every. single. night. for 2 weeks!!!! 
I am in total AWE of how God takes care of us! Through my friends, I was able to feel His love because they were all loving on me.  I felt God's care and provision, because He was caring and providing for me through my friends, in an area I knew would be a challenge for the first few weeks with a newborn.  I have never had a postpartum experience like this!!! 
I wish I could name every single person on here, that went shopping for me, showed up at my door with diapers, gifts, meals, picked up my kids to have ice cream, watched everyone while I showered, came to wash and fold clothes, or even that special one person that mopped all my floors against my will!! hahaha I LOVE YOU!  

It takes a village -- and I love MY VILLAGE! 


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