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Makayla Newborn Photos

This was a very last minute unplanned photo session, but I wasn't passing up the opportunity to meeting my friend's new baby girl, right? :D

Meet Makayla <3


Preston is 6 months - Keila June Photography

My youngest is 6 months old and I'm not sure how that happened.  I love every stage of infancy, some days wishing for it to be over, and some days just really longing for this time because I know it'll be over way too soon.
Well, I decided to quickly grab some pictures of him today & plopped him outside in his diaper (which describes my life right now very well - a zoo! hahaha).

And these I took just a couple days earlier... I was just trying to capture a fraction of the different expressions from him <3

Animal Rescuing With Friends

It seems like when we go to the beach, the kids take different directions with their activities based on weather, tide, ocean conditions etc... This particular evening, the water was full of life! And the kids enjoyed catching, collecting and releasing.  I never really document it, but this day was special since they got to do it with some great friends! Thank you @brookelogue for the great memories :*


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