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Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed - Keila June Photography

Ever wonder what my kids do when I'm working?  


Recently my husband decided it was "OK" to jump on our bed.  I've never encouraged this because I'm so paranoid of accidents.  

But hey, childhood is fleeting and I want them to remember their time at this age as pure JOY!  

So as I sit here this morning and edit some images, THIS is what is going on behind me... on my bed!!!! 

I have to add though, they are becoming quite the creative duo with their "Monkey Business"....

How could I tell them to stop????

Ty is really putting his ALL into this next jump...
 I see expression even in his fingers and toes!
Gotta love it! :)

And one last one, just for 'artsy' fun!


  1. I love this! I miss that 'not a care in the world, jumping on the bed is the best thing ever' fun! the last one is one of my favorites! you can tell my style, huh? lol

  2. How cute- no way could you tell them to stop- too many great photos to be had!


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