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Gumbo Limbo with friends - Keila June Photography

"A friend is what the heart needs at all times" - Henry Van Dyke

These kids love exploring and learning! And I love capturing them, and the sparkle in their eyes when they discover new things


Old friends - Keila June Photography

Love when old friends come to visit!  I haven't seen Jasmine probably close to 20 years! We were young teens together, and now married mommies. It was great catching up, seeing how much we still had in common.  Come back soon, friend! <3

(please don't mind the out of focus picture, have you ever tried to take a selfie with a SLR camera and press the shutter? Yeah, not the easiest! lol)

Meet her daughter Olivia

  The next generation :)

And while we caught up, the kids played with daddy of course!

Easter 2015 - Keila June Photography

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