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Gender Reveal!!! - Keila June Photography

Let me first start by talking a little about my friend Amy.   I met Amy a couple years ago at my son's baseball practices.  She is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met!  So selfless and always willing to help.  She was the one that put all this together for my family.  She was thrilled when I asked her to get the envelope with the gender, and put together the supplies so we can find out together as a family.  I just wanted a fun way to document our faces as we were surprised with whether this new baby joining us was a boy or a girl.  I need to thank her a million times over!  Thank you for putting up with all my craziness, and texts, and leaving your baby girl to help us, for driving to party city multiple times, for taking these amazing pictures, for just being you.  Thank you, Amy! <3

And now for some fun stuff.... :D
We didn't have a preference, either a little boy or little girl would be a blessing.  But many, many people were saying they thought I was carrying a girl this time.  So after a couple of months hearing this, it's almost like you start believing it.  So when those balloons popped, we were VERY surprised!  I honestly think this was the best was to find out.  Not laying on a table and being shown a screen (as with my previous 3 pregnancies).  It was so fun to look for the color that was flying around us!!!!  

So, here it is.... 


  1. You and your family are SO beautiful!! Xoxo!!

  2. You and your family are SO beautiful!! Xoxo!!


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