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Blue Eyes - Keila June Photography

We "photographers" always look at each other's photos. And one thing that always attracts me (and I honestly envy) are those fields... with the overgrown grass, mountains and wild flowers.  Well, not a very realistic location here in Florida.  But lately, I have had my eye on this place, and every time I pass by it, I always wondered "what if I bring my next client here?"... and I did!!  : )

So I got to photograph one of my favorite blue eyed girl last week...  She has the most amazing and piercing blue eyes ever!!

Here are some of my favorites.

Can you tell I had a hard time picking? :)

My Boy! - Keila June Photography

BOYS...  They just bring so much fun, and love and DIRT into your life....  Have you seen the new automatic soap dispenser?  Well, my son loves that thing!  He can stand there washing his hands for 30 minutes, well not actually "washing" them.... more like, having fun with the dispenser.  At least his hands are clean, right?

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