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Jaydon at the pumpkin patch - Keila June Photography

We just love the fall and cooler weather, pumpkin patches, fall scented candles, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin monkey bread, you get the idea....
Here are some photos of Jaydon's first time exploring the pumpkin patch earlier this month.


Bella - Keila June Photography

My sweet little girl is not so little anymore... and although I LOVE the way this mini session turned out, I kinda don't like that she looks so grown! lol

A big thank you to Sandra Bianco for calling me to "play" at one of her locations and stylin' my little girl. <3

Transformation Tuesday - Keila June Photography

A sneak peak into post processing.....

This week I had a few to share!! Hope it inspires you!

And... when it takes more than one image for the final edit :)

The Girls - Keila June Photography

Last month (yes, I've been sitting on these for a while), I had the pleasure of meeting another local photographer.
I absolutely love meeting other mommies that share the same passions.... plus, her daughters are stunning!!

Sooo.... We decided to go have some ice cream together!  It was especially fun for my son who enjoyed playing freeze tag and taking pictures with her older daughter.
Yup, you have GOT to see these two!!  SO glad I brought my camera to capture these snapshots of them playing!

A few shots just for fun <3

And... because some of these "just for fun" are sometimes the ones we treasure the most. 

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