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Gomberg Family - Keila June Photography

You know how hard it is to photograph another photographer's family?!  Well, this is not just any other photographer... I have been admiring Brooke's work for a long time, and when she moved closer to me a couple of months ago, I was ecstatic!  Only problem... how would I fair? How can I possibly meet her standards?  hehehe

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about ;-)

Brooke and her family are the sweetest beings!  Not to mention my kids adore her kids!  So yeah, we've been getting to know each other and "playing" together quite often.  There's just never enough time! lol

The best part is... we have so much in common and we totally share the same visions!!!
I've found a friend, a colleague, that I can confide in and delight in the same ventures! :)

So here they are... Enjoy!


  1. KEila, I cannot thank you enough. As Im crying over my coffee, (happy tears) I am just so thankful to have these images of me and my own family. I know I tell you over and over, but I just read this post, and ONCE AGAIN, I AM SOOOOO thankful you are in my life. GOSH how everything happens for a reason!!! You out did yourself in these images, and you captured "us" which was just PERFECT. You are such an amazing artist and I AM SOOOO fortunate to have met YOU!!! WE have such a future together ;) LOVE YOU!!!! XOXOXOX

  2. GREAT .... Really Sweet Images Kelia!!! Brooke you all look so relaxed ... love that! I have to say the group is a really good thing for me to .... it was like I was alone for a long time and now I have people to go to. I know I do not communicate this to you all that often and I am quiet on the FB page but I wanted you to know it is totally appreciated ... this new sense of community . Looking forward to our next get together ... maybe after the holidays :)

  3. These are stunning! I can't wait to see the gorgeous wall gallery that Brooke creates using these! You captured such incredible emotions for them! These are just wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful job, beautiful images, beautiful family. I am so happy you two have crossed paths, how special it is to meet someone who is not only on the same path as you (as a mother, friend, and photographer wife) and someone who is so close to you :). Everything does happen for a reason and it is wonderful that you both have been so blessed. Best of everything. Victoria

  5. You guys are so adorable! I'm talking about you and Brooke. lol. They are such a beautiful family and you captured them so well! So glad you guys have eachother! there's nothing like our photography friends, is there? ;)

  6. These family photos are just gorgeous. What a cute little family beautifully captured.


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