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Jaydon Marley Newborn Photos {& behind the scenes}

I don't think I ever shared all of Jaydon's newborn photos in one place.  So because I am celebrating his FIRST birthday *sniff sniff* I thought in doing one big post will all of the *posed* shots of him <3

At just TWO days old!!

At 3 days old:

At 4 days old:

At 5 days old:

At 6 days old:

At 7 days old:

At 8 days old:

15 days old:

17 days old:
And then he woke up from sleeping on my belly!!!  <3

And here are some behind the scenes from all these sessions, because anyone that knows me, knows how much I love these:

{pictured above: still in hospital bracelets and bruising from where they placed the IV. Image credit Sandra Bianco}
{pictured above: the raw beauty of newborn photography, getting pooped on! lol}
{pictured above: low quality cell phone shot by my daughter, but it's worth so much to me now!!}

And that's all folks!! :)

Jaydon Marley turns ONE - Keila June Photography

The time has come... the time where my *baby* turns into a toddler!!  But I have to say, he is one FUN little guy, super animated like his older brother (hehe).  He learned to sit on his own at 3 months, began crawling at 5 months, stood up by himself at 6 months, and by 9.5 months was walking! He is getting so smart so fast - I thought to myself I would enjoy this last baby of mine, but he was born in a rush!
But I'm so proud of him and the ambition he exhibits!!!  Can't wait to see what this next year will bring!!

Here are his cake smash photos!! He wasn't too thrilled at first, he enjoyed rubbing the cake in dirt before tasting it, but I guess that's what boys do, right??


And super special thanks to my friend Cris from Cris Passos Photography for being my support this year, inspiring me to get out and being by my side encouraging me!! Love you!

Tyler's 6th Birthday - Keila June Photography

This week we celebrated my little monkey's 6th birthday!!
Here are some snapshots, nothing fancy, just lots of fun to be remembered <3

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