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Family - Keila June Photography

My Family...

We were blessed with my sister's visit last March.

We were able to catch up, and try to make up for the time apart.

Cousins played and laughed....

Sisters hugged and talked...

And the BIGgest blessing is for my parents to have ALL grandchildren together again.  

I know for my mom, it is so important to take these photos... and so Mommy, these are for you!! 
To cherish, and to show off... 

"Grandchildren are a crown of the aged...." Proverbs 17:6

Cousins -
Sisters - plus mommy 

The little things....

We are always so hurried in life that I wanted to take time to remember these little things.

... the little things that count :-)

It's in those smiles.

It's the dreams and imagination.

It's the companionship.

Beach Maternity - Keila June Photography

I've kept a secret...

there's a PART II to this beautiful expecting family!


Maternity - Keila June Photography

Warning: This may take a while to load because there were just too many gorgeous shots of mommy-to-be for me to not include in this post. I tried to include some new ones not seen on my facebook page. :)

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek Ruthy and Roger, I'll have your gallery ready soon.
I had such a good time photographing you and I feel so honored that you chose me to capture this special moment.  I know you were a little uncomfortable at times, but I hope I can help you feel beautiful through these photos. Absolutely can NOT wait to meet your baby boy soon!!

And of course, I can not leave big sis out!!!

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