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Meet Bobby - Keila June Photography

    I fell in love instantly ;) And he was such a good little poser baby for me!
I just adored your little man Nikki, and couldn't stop talking about him, and how he is just pure newborn yumminess!!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture his very first days in this world. 


Behind the Scenes :

We didn't have our assistant with us today, so Mom was put to work. Robyn, we missed you!! ;)

Ella Rae - Keila June Photography

Miss Ella, was seriously one of the prettiest newborn girls I have ever seen. She was like pure perfection, perfect face, perfect little lips, perfect eyes!!! <3
Ella Rae was named after her great Grandfather Ray, who started the farm, who is no longer with the family. The Roth's are the owners of 7 produce farms of various produce products, and each farm is hundreds and hundreds (some miles) long! I had the opportunity to photograph her on the box that the produce gets packed in, which has the Ray's Heritage logo on it, and a picture of Ray on the farm. This was very special to the family, as you could only imagine.

I was just floored at how beautiful this Mama was. Then after getting to know her a bit, I realized she's just as beautiful on the inside ;) 

Don't we all wish we looked this beautiful a week after we have our babies?!?! STUNNING.

Remember Jake from last week? Jake decided to stop by to say hi to Miss Ella during her session. Ella and Jake's mommy's are best friends, so their babies are for sure going to grow up together being best friends too. This is their first picture taken together ;) How cute are they??

And of course some behind the scenes of me working:

When I got home... realizing I was sunburned!! ouch

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON NEWBORN SAFETY: When photographing a newborn baby outside, PLEASE make sure you are aware of all the safety precautions. SAFETY is my number one priority. There are SO many safety factors to consider when photographing newborns OUTSIDE; newborns' body temperature, sun burn, dangerous ants, insects, and reptiles, sand tornadoes (As I learned today photographing on the farm; with every session comes a new experience), and MUCH more you probably would have never even thought about. 

Sweet Jake | Keila June Photography

     Are you ready for some serious newborn cuteness?!?!? Jake was 10 days old when he had his photo shoot.

     I really did have a blast on this session! I was so honored to photograph Jake in some of his very first days of life. I love when I leave a session, and feel a special bond with my client.


xoxo Brooke
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