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Christmas Tree Farm - Keila June Photography

Jaydon's first visit to the Christmas Tree farm (stand)!
It was also Bella's 8th birthday pictures snuck in :)
 I just can't help but share the original crop as well!!!
 She is BEYOND the best big sister there is on this planet!!!
 And this one.... 
well, it was shot at 10000000 ISO so I just had a good time in creative editing mode ;)

Misty Family Session - Keila June Photography

You know how intimidating it can be to photograph another photographer's family?  Well, let me tell you... it is!   But with my friend, Misty and her family, I gotta say, it was a piece of cake! lol  I mean, look at these gorgeous faces!!! <3  

More Pumpkins - Keila June Photography

Transformation Tuesday - Keila June Photography

I got a few requests for this particular SOOC (straight out of camera) image from my Facebook page yesterday, so here it is!   If you ever want to see an image of mine straight from camera, shoot me an email or message and I'll gladly add them to my blog on transformation Tuesdays! :D

Layla - Keila June Photography

Hope you don't mind me sharing this last one, since it is somewhat out of focus, but I'm not one to follow rules... so here it goes anyway! ;)

Jaydon at the pumpkin patch - Keila June Photography

We just love the fall and cooler weather, pumpkin patches, fall scented candles, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin monkey bread, you get the idea....
Here are some photos of Jaydon's first time exploring the pumpkin patch earlier this month.


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