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Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed - Keila June Photography

Ever wonder what my kids do when I'm working?  


Recently my husband decided it was "OK" to jump on our bed.  I've never encouraged this because I'm so paranoid of accidents.  

But hey, childhood is fleeting and I want them to remember their time at this age as pure JOY!  

So as I sit here this morning and edit some images, THIS is what is going on behind me... on my bed!!!! 

I have to add though, they are becoming quite the creative duo with their "Monkey Business"....

How could I tell them to stop????

Ty is really putting his ALL into this next jump...
 I see expression even in his fingers and toes!
Gotta love it! :)

And one last one, just for 'artsy' fun!

Gomberg Family - Keila June Photography

You know how hard it is to photograph another photographer's family?!  Well, this is not just any other photographer... I have been admiring Brooke's work for a long time, and when she moved closer to me a couple of months ago, I was ecstatic!  Only problem... how would I fair? How can I possibly meet her standards?  hehehe

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about ;-)

Brooke and her family are the sweetest beings!  Not to mention my kids adore her kids!  So yeah, we've been getting to know each other and "playing" together quite often.  There's just never enough time! lol

The best part is... we have so much in common and we totally share the same visions!!!
I've found a friend, a colleague, that I can confide in and delight in the same ventures! :)

So here they are... Enjoy!

Just Beachy - Keila June Photography

So yesterday we decided to go to the beach...

I mean, we are literally 10 minutes away for a 83 degree ocean water :-) So why not?

But summertime calls for an occasional "afternoon thundershower", as we call it here in FL... lol

You could see the heavy rain clouds a couple miles down, but where we were there was sun shining. It made for an amazing dark backdrop!!!

{So here is Bella - doing what she does best - running and chasing animals away!!  
I should post a photo of her making our ducks take flight, hilarious!}

 {This is funny.... you see, this is how Ty hides himself when playing hide and seek with his sis.  
And we always have such a good laugh, when he believes no one can see him!!!}

I have been into darker and richer edits lately, I love all the vibrant colors and still be able to keep a soft plush look to them :-) 

I luh him!!! :)

Under the Sea - Keila June Photography

I know many of you have been waiting to see all the details on this one...
Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I walked into this party!!! It was pretty amazing :-)

Happy birthday Nicholas!!

Hope this little sneak peek can hold you over until you receive your CD!!  ;)

Sayori - First Birthday

So June was the month for newborns, and July seems to be the month for first birthdays!!!

Hey, I don't mind... it's party time!!! :)

I was amazed at how beautiful this party was... every little detail... the decoration was just insane!!!!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peak guys!

Ladybug Birthday Party - Keila June Photography

Besides being a total cutie pie, Sarah is the daughter of a very talented and dedicated mommy... you know, Simone Rosa ;-)

Here's a quick little collage followed by some extra images from her very special day!!!!

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