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My Boy! - Keila June Photography

BOYS...  They just bring so much fun, and love and DIRT into your life....  Have you seen the new automatic soap dispenser?  Well, my son loves that thing!  He can stand there washing his hands for 30 minutes, well not actually "washing" them.... more like, having fun with the dispenser.  At least his hands are clean, right?


  1. Wow Keila- So, so proud of you but not surprise at all by your new blogging venture. You and me were split at birth- I just know it!!! Lol... Fabulous fabulous !! I will be following you sister! I had sent you the link to my blog a while ago(I did it myself but did use ritas coffee shop for the logo-thanks for the referral). check it out when u are not busy momma (if ever). happyearthdaycare.com

    God bless


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