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Just Beachy - Keila June Photography

So yesterday we decided to go to the beach...

I mean, we are literally 10 minutes away for a 83 degree ocean water :-) So why not?

But summertime calls for an occasional "afternoon thundershower", as we call it here in FL... lol

You could see the heavy rain clouds a couple miles down, but where we were there was sun shining. It made for an amazing dark backdrop!!!

{So here is Bella - doing what she does best - running and chasing animals away!!  
I should post a photo of her making our ducks take flight, hilarious!}

 {This is funny.... you see, this is how Ty hides himself when playing hide and seek with his sis.  
And we always have such a good laugh, when he believes no one can see him!!!}

I have been into darker and richer edits lately, I love all the vibrant colors and still be able to keep a soft plush look to them :-) 

I luh him!!! :)

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