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Love Story

I was inspired by Paint The Moon's theme for this week's challenge: Handwritten.

It made me revisit an old collection of handwritten poems and letters that my sweetheart wrote to me before we were married.

It was pure delight to read it all over again!  Some brought happy tears just to know I married my best friend whom I met when I was only 13.

We have grown so much since, and although we don't necessarily express these things to each other in the same way anymore, I love him so much more as the years go by.

I thank the Lord for our past, our present days and the future... growing old together.

Here was my photo for week 12/52...

And with my husband's permission, I will let you inside MY very personal book!! 



  1. I was here :) Lovely website and lovely love story! Congrats again to the both of you and to you for all of your achievements! :)

  2. Uhmm Miss Magoo is me! Mariana :) Weird... I had to choose a profile and chose yahoo because it's the only I have.... Miss Magoo used to be a blogspot I h ad years ago! But don't do anything to it in ages! Anyway just in case you were wondering :)

  3. Wow, these are simply gorgeous. Love your take on this week's theme.


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