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Sweet Jake | Keila June Photography

     Are you ready for some serious newborn cuteness?!?!? Jake was 10 days old when he had his photo shoot.

     I really did have a blast on this session! I was so honored to photograph Jake in some of his very first days of life. I love when I leave a session, and feel a special bond with my client.


xoxo Brooke


  1. XOXOX LOVE IT... and not just because I was there - LOL - its just amazing how to turn a simple side of the road that hundreds pass everyday and make it this beautiful! Thanks so much for allowing me to participate in the fun of capturing true beauty at its finest. LOVE IT!

  2. Wow...your work is utterly AMAZING...I am so inspired and in awe of these gorgeous images. I also love the images of you working with the families too.....they tell a story. I can tell you both love what you do. Stunning, absolutely breathtaking......


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