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Fun Times - Keila June Photography


Here I am again, trying to revive my blog.  I don't know why I sit here on top of so many images, and don't do much about it.  Photobooks, prints, wall art, I mean... something right?

Last Monday I went to see old friends... so we could catch up some and our kids could play.  I had left my camera in the car, because you know, two children with ALL their pool/beach belongings and a baby//stroller is not enough.  But I'm thankful for Brooke, who talked me into going back to get it.  This way, I was able to capture some snapshots of all the kids playing, being kids, enjoying what summer has to offer.... their happiness - not a care in the world (well, besides dodging waves, sand and beach toys).


  1. Awww I really enjoyed looking at these! I, too, am one that has found myself leaving my camera in the car more & more often. I LOVE the images of them playing in the surf. Thanks for the inspiration Keila! (And your baby is getting soooo big!!!!)

  2. Totally beautiful images and processing Keila.... Love these!


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