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Max and Landon - Keila June Photography

Max and Landon.  Two very special boys!  Why the combined blog post? Well, because their sessions were held the same day!!  And the craziest part is that I took my kids along for the day... I've always been told I have well behaved children, but I never realized how well behaved they really are til this day! How else will a 4 and 5 year old survive 2 newborn sessions (quietly) with no snacks or breaks??  Yes, I was unprepared, but they did amazing and so did Max and Landon.

Here is Max... What a sweet baby he was, and so tiny!

Next, was had Landon... Can we say YUMMY?!?!  He was 10.5 lbs at the shoot, all I wanted to do was cuddle him... I mean, I always want to cuddle my clients' babies.  But this boy was surely special!!!

Check him out!



Behind The Scenes:
I'm still waiting on some behind the scenes photos from these sessions!  But in the meantime, I'll leave you with this cell phone shot!  
The scratches on my arm, you ask? 
Well, those are from the branches around me!!! ;-)

Ok, so I've got some more behind the scenes to share :)

 Here is Robyn, assisting and showing my daughter (who loves babies just as much as I do!) sweet Max.
 Best kids ever! 
My son is not to thrilled about having to sit quietly for 7 hours!! 
(remember, 2 newborn sessions no snacks?!)
 Now you can see where the scratches came from ;-)

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  1. I could seriously look at these for hours! Very talented!


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